Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ready, set, go .......

Ten days to go and getting ready for the trip to Jamaica and Cuba. Fynn has checked out the flash beach front place in Montego Bay we're planning to stay at and approves - haven't shown him the more gritty accommodation in Cuba - will save that till we're on the plane. Looking forward to being immersed in different places and time to muck about with Fynn. He seems very determined to sample rum and cigars which at age 13 is a tad too young. No alco pops for him. Had all our vacination jabs yesterday and not withstanding swine flu, which we're probably more likely to get staying at home, I'm sure the worst thing we'll face is some jet lag.


  1. Hi Julian, welcome to the world of blogging! You sound quite excited about your upcoming trip, and I'm very keen to follow your progress through the Caribbean! I look forward to seeing some photos here too. Remember, the golden rule of blogging is post, and post often! So I hope you find readily available internet access on your travels. All the best.

  2. ¡Quéemocionante! No te olvides de traerme un cigarro por favor! Espero en la anticipació y la gran expectavia para el próimo post de mi querido Julian..

  3. Gee I hope that the gritty accommodation is not the Guantánamo Bay backpackers -you wont need luggage and the water sports leave a lot to be desired ......

  4. I hear they've got some vacancies and nice complimentary one size fits all orange overalls waiting at the end of the bed.

  5. and a Qu'ran in the drawer inslead of the Gideon's ..

  6. Hey Julian and Fynn,
    Have a great time OS... enjoy the sights, the culture and yes the accommodation, but most of all enjoy being together for such a memorable event.

    PS Julian, tell Fynn I'll be waiting on Samurai Of Legend when you guys get back...

    Look forward to catching up in Swineville (Melbourne) later this year...