Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Beach gear

Digging up some of the beach gear from the bottom of the cupboard today and remembering previous times Fynn and I have been on holidays. Always good company (him not me) but then again we're heading into the teenage years hmmm...... Shot of Fynn with sea in the background is Tootgarook - we'll see if the Carribean can match the best Port Phillip Bay has to offer. Have to remember snorkeling gear, sunscreen, hats, thongs, stubbie holder (is there a universal size for stubbie holders?), sunnies .............


  1. Julian,
    As far as I know, only Darwin has an oversized stubbie.... so you should be OK... VB is the same where ever they sell it... you might have to change to Fosters or something universal....


  2. That's very re-assuring Steve and it is just typical of the Northern Territory to supersize everything from the crocodiles to the stubbies.