Monday, June 22, 2009

Meeting a hero - Marg Simpson

I reckon I know how Paul Keating felt when he met the queen. I met marg Simpson and had a photo taken with her - I too couldn't resist putting my hand in the small of her back and pulling her in just a little closer. Fynn and I visited Univeral Studios and had a fab time. The Mummy Returns ride - a roller coaster that goes from 0 to 45 mph in 3 secs - in the dark - and backwards - was my highlight of the day. You start off going forwards then come to a screaching halt in front of a brick wall and then do it again backwards in case you didn't throw up the first time. Actually I liked the backwards bit as it put all my intestines back where they'd been at the start. The studio tours were fun and we cacked ourselves in the house of horrors - no train ride you just wander through the house and get attacked by various gouls. You're not allowed to touch them (or them you) but when Frankenstein came at with a knife I had a go back. Staff were quickly on the scene and asked me to move on despite my protest - " He's the one with the knife and the bolts in his head - why don't you ask him to leave"


  1. So now you like your women with Blue hair, huh? Well we will see what we can do! Love Fi

  2. Marge Simpson complex I guess that means I must be Homer.

    George I. W

  3. this one goes on the wall in full color A4 that our new printer will enjoy making..