Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bob Marley Museum - Jamaica

We've been in Jamaica for about a week staying in Kingston and Montego Bay. Kingston was great to visit and despite the obvious poverty and the hard edge to the place people were friendly and open. The guide book said the two things you don't do is get in a taxi that has no official taxi emblem or go to the downtown area near the market as its too dangerous - we did both on the first day and it was all OK. Our cab driver Horace was a government driver making a bit extra on the side and he had lots of good tips for us. We visited the Bob Marley Museum which was a must see for Fynn and the Jamaican national gallery - a must see for me. Caught the local bus from downtown that day which was an adventure but it was good to get amongst the locals. There were lots of school kids heading to the bus so I figured it couldn't be too much of a problem. Kids on the bus had good tips and advice for us as well.

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