Monday, June 22, 2009

Hollywood Boulevard

Today we went out to Hollywood and had squiz at all those stars set into the pavement and took a short tour. We were there when Cameron Diaz had her star dedication ceremony. I also ducked into the L Ron Hubbard (I kid you not) museum thinking I might get to meet Tom Cruise and John Travolta - no luck on that front and we managed to get out without doing the tour. You can see Fynn (before his haircut) touching the Jimi Hendrix star !! The whole place really is a facade and it's surprising how intermingled the poverty and crappy housing is with the glitz and the rich. It's a lot like the Gold Coast without the beach - lots of tourists, gimmicks, souvenir shops and no-one quite remembers when the place had genuine character but they're sure it did at some point. Rest of today we spent in town - Fynn got a haircut at a very cool barber whilst I had a beer in a very cool bar. We've had a great time in LA, beautiful weather, easy to get around and people are friendly . Food ain't great unless you like burgers and chips but there's been no complaints from Fynn. Early night tonight and Jamaica tomorrow !


  1. Awesome stuff, thinking of you back here in Canberra. Now time to pass the duchie! David, Em, and Isabel

  2. If you ever get to sit on the beaches in Hawaii, just remember that beach sand comes from Stockton, Worimi land.....