Monday, June 15, 2009

Drinks on the house

Have booked into a resort in Montego Bay for a few nights after finding a good deal on the net and sending the credit card details off to a dodgy website - hope the hotel actually exists when we turn up - still they have to hope my credit card exists. As you can see this twin tower monster, (fynn is booked into the one on the left and I'm in the one on the right), is close to the beach and the package includes all meals and drinks !! for the four days. I imagine the place will be filled with people with the same priorities in life as Homer Simpson. Still if we get stuck for entertainment we can start up a game of scrabble and we'd be sure to win.


  1. Isnt there an old song about Montego Bay.... bet they have it playing in the hotel lobby or at least elevator music.

    I bet Fynn would actually enjoy being on the one on the left if you are in the one on the right....

    When I get my 10yr long service leave next year from HACS, Im going to go away and make everyone jealous too....

  2. Going away might make them jealous and happy at the same time Steve (only joking). The resort we're staying at has access to 3 beaches including one nude beach and I've promised Fynn we won't visit the nude beach together.

  3. Hey, what's this about 'old' song! Incidently I hear you need to pronounce it 'koo-bah' to the locals. Ask for a ride 'in the caddy'

  4. Yuk, what got into you
    Try this article to educate ya
    A Terra Madre Cuba community:
    Proyecto Comunitario was set up in 1996 in a western district of Havana. It aims to introduce and promote sustainable natural methods that are suitable for local conditions and respect the environment—methods which encourage a healthy lifestyle and the democratic participation of local communities.