Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday eadie

Hi Gorgeous Eadie - Its hours before your birthday and we are trying to post a photo of you on the blog but everything is in spanish AAAHHHH ! Fynn and I love you heaps and miss you - we trust you will have a great birthday knowing that Mum and Louka and all your mates will look after you - happy birtday eade !


  1. Hi Dad, I've just woken up and Mum showed me the message. I am sure I will have a wonderful birthday. Thanks heaps. Lots of love Eadie.

    PS. I love the haircut Fynn, maybe Dad could get one to match.

  2. Hi Dad and Fynn, did the Mystery Machine have a sliding door on the other side? Is the weather nice?

    Love Louka!