Monday, July 6, 2009

Habana and Vinales

Well we are here and having a fabulous time. Have visited lots of museums, stayed with local families, had ice cream at the Coppelia, lost our camera, bought a new camera ´second hand´from our man in Havana, been horesriding in the mountains, negotiated lots of situations in Spanish, seen a thousand images of Che (you know the one), explored caves and avoided eating roasted guinea pig. The family we are staying with in Vinales are wonderful and Mariano made cigars for us to go with the rum we were enjoying. Vinbales is a small farming village where tobacco, maize, pineappes, mangoes and rice are the staples. Lots of pigs, chickens, goats and quite a few tourists wandering about having a lazy time.

It isn´t that easy to get internet access and it is slow and in spansih so updating the blog isn´t our highest priority.

On our first day in Habana we got taken (literally) to a small local bar by a young guy called Parko who showed us some sights in return for a Mojito. Habana is spectacular and pretty full on with a lot of poverty but it seems to take a different form. Doing the basics each day is hard such as queing for 90 mins to get in the door of the bank and another 40 to get to the one teller. Cubans are incredibly patient and good natured about these daily sufferances.

We head off for a day of snorkelling tomorrow at Cayo Jutias and then head off to Cienfeugos and Trinidad. Time is flying but we are loving it.

Ciao - Julian and Fynn


  1. now you are talking ..sounds like youse are finally in the April sun treating you so right ciao ciao

  2. Hope you had a lovely day snorkelling!
    Rum and Mojito sound delicious: what is cuban (and jamacian food-have you eaten jerk) like?
    lots of love from mong,

  3. yes I want see losts and lots of pictures and recipes of cuban/south American food